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Careers in Admin and Secretarial

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There is probably not a business, organization or corporate body in the country that doesn’t require the services of a secretary, administrator or assistant of some kind.

Whether permanent, part-time, freelance or contract, these roles are the mainstay of all successful businesses because they add efficiencies and free up more senior staff to get on with running the business.

Jobs in administration and secretarial cover a huge range of activities and business areas. This can include anything from Office Secretary and PA (Personal Assistant) to Office Administration Manager and Project Administrator - from Part-time Receptionist and Legal Secretary to Database Administrator and Warehouse Administrator. Most functions within this area involve the organisation, support and management of senior personnel, teams or even entire departments and offices.

Qualifications are not as important in many of these roles as personal attributes such as presentation, organization and literacy. Good GCSE results may be required depending on the nature of the employment. Also, some admin and secretarial roles expect familiarity with basic computer programs such as the Microsoft Office applications. Knowledge of an accountancy package such as Sage can be an advantage. Certain roles demand particular experience, ie: legal secretaries need relevant legal experience such as in legal aid or conveyancing etc.

In general, employees are looking for the ability to get on with people, an eye for detail and excellent organisational skills. Further attributes can be anything from excellent typing speeds and good communication to good presentation and numeracy skills. And because you are dealing with often sensitive corporate information, reliability and honesty are also de facto requirements in most aspects of administration and secretarial work.

The career path in admin and secretarial work is often of secondary importance for many employees in these roles. Often, people work in admin and secretarial because of the nature of the work, ie: they like working in a retail, legal, engineering or sales environment. Remuneration can be based on an hourly rate, daily rate or annual salary. Salaries can start quite low and rise to as much as over £30K plus benefits for, say, a PA to senior management in London.