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Careers in Banking and Finance

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The financial and banking sectors offer a huge variety of jobs and careers.

From entry-level positions such as clerks and assistants and on up through the corporate hierarchy to managing director, Bank Manager, Senior Commodity Market Risk Analysts, senior trader or vice president. The status, earning potential and nature of each job is dependant on the type of company and the area of business it is involved in.

Companies in the financial and banking sectors can include private accountancy firms, international banking groups, trading companies, independent financial advisors, insurance companies, brokerage firms and investment banks – plus many more. Each and every one of these types of companies offers career opportunities at all levels.

As a general rule, companies in the financial and banking sector are looking for university graduates in finance, mathematics, economics or similar. At graduate level, you would be competing on the nature, quality and relevance of your degree and general aptitude. However, positions offered higher up the career ladder also demand relevant industry experience depending on the area the company is involved in. For instance, if the company is trading in energy stocks – it would expect relevant experience in one of the energy markets such as oil, nuclear or gas industries.

The financial and banking sector, in common with practically every other industry sector, offers such a wide variety of roles as to cater for all personalities and qualities.

For instance, self motivated, entrepreneurial types are demanded for ‘coal face’ careers such as trading floor staff and risk analysts. Organisational and structuring skills are also in high demand as is salesmanship and a proven selling ability. Obviously, high levels of numeracy are a given.

Most careers in the financial and banking sectors start at graduate level with entry into the company of choice straight from university. On the whole, promotions follow depending on the aptitude and success of the candidate.