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Careers in Charities and Non-Profit

Find your new job in charities and non-profit today

The types of jobs and career opportunities in the charity and non-profit organisation sector is as varied and interesting as in any other business.

From administration and secretarial, to Managerial and Directorial – and everything in between - you can seek salaried jobs or volunteer work, full-time or part-time jobs for many charities, trusts and other non-profit organisations. You will find advertisements for sales jobs, marketing positions, HR roles and research jobs in charities in the major newspapers, on websites and in specialist magazines and the recruitment procedure is the same as for any other business.

There are environmental charities, animal welfare charities, education, housing, cultural and religious charities. In fact, there are charities and trusts operating throughout the country for practically every aspect of human endeavour, so you have a wide choice. Charitable organisations you may be familiar with include The British Red Cross, The Princes Trust, the NSPCC, The Sue Ryder Care Trust and The Salvation Army. Other organisations can also be registered as charities if they don’t turn a profit – for instance, The Royal Society. All non-profit organisations are nevertheless run along commercial lines and depend of professional skills and experience.

Most charities recruit to the same standards as the commercial sector so jobs require similar professional and educational qualifications and appropriate levels of experience. For instance, a Finance Director would need to have the relevant ACCA or CIMA qualification while a young persons’ charity would expect experience working with and motivating young people. The difference with the commercial sector is where perhaps a religious charity would expect you to be a committed practitioner of the religion in question – so you would have to be a committed Christian to work for The Salvation Army.

Another difference in applying to a charity for a job is that the charity in question would expect a degree of sympathy towards its aims and philosophy. On the whole, they are looking for like-minded, caring people, with suitable qualifications and experience.

Again, the career path for charities and non-profit organisations is much the same, with the same potential and possibilities, as in the commercial sector. Experience counts, qualifications count and drive, motivation and being a good fit also help you up the career ladder within the charity sector.