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Careers in Education

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By far the most jobs in education are in the state sector so chances are you will end up working in a school or college with the government as your ultimate employer.

Depending on your preferences, you can work in nursery, primary, secondary or tertiary education. There are colleges of higher education and universities – each with their own emphasis or speciality. Alternatively, there is a thriving independent educational sector characterised by slightly higher pay and more manageable classes. Furthermore, you can work as a full-time, part-time, temporary or supply teacher.

Because all organisations, whether a school or a bank, need running efficiently and professionally, there are also positions for administrators and managers, marketeers and public relations. In fact, a similar organisational infrastructure as in the commercial sector.

Teaching demands a range of qualifications depending on the level you wish to teach at. For example primary teachers or Key Stages 2/3 (ages 7-14), may require a GCSE at grade C or above in a science subject. For higher levels, you will need a degree before applying for a postgraduate course of initial teacher training ( ITT) and achieving qualified teacher status (QTS). However, you can also complete a degree as part of your teacher training via an undergraduate ITT course.

The general rule for non-teaching staff in education is for previous experience in your particular role, such as reception work or office administrator. You can, however, always start on the career ladder by joining in a junior capacity straight from school provided you have suitable grades.

Any work in the educational sector means you are going to be around pupils and students, so you must have a tolerance, if not an aptitude, for young people. Beyond that, teaching roles in particular expect you to be a self-motivated team player with the discipline and drive to get things done. Creativity often plays a part, especially with younger pupils.

The career ladder in teaching is much like anywhere else with the career peak possibly as a Head Teacher of a large school or college. Pay levels may not be as high as, say, an equivalent manager in the commercial sector – with remuneration for a Key Stage 3-4 maths teacher in London up to £35K – however many people are attracted to it because of the holidays that allow them to have the same time off work as their own children.