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Careers for Graduates

Find your new job today

Most top companies offer graduate recruitment programmes and regularly scour the universities for suitable candidates at formal ‘recruitment days’ or ’fairs’.

Graduate training programmes are an integral part of corporate culture and provide the managers and directors of the future. In many cases, companies don’t even stipulate the type of degree required. The fact that one has been achieved is proof enough of commitment, intelligence and motivation. Where a degree type is specified, it is usually for the more specialist careers, within IT or pharmaceuticals for instance where a science or maths-based degree may be more relevant to the actual job function.

Graduate jobs can be found throughout industry and commerce, including engineering, retail, IT pharmaceutical, aerospace, finance, tourism, etc, etc. A graduate employee is usually fast-tracked to management success and achieves an impressive amount of training, usually over a two-year period, designed to provide a practical overview of the business. This often means the graduate is moved from department to department in order to gain hands-on experience in as wide a range of business functions as possible. This gives the graduate valuable, real-world skills and a business knowledge that also helps to identify a career path within the organisation.

Given that a degree denotes commitment, motivation and intelligence, the employer is also looking for personal skills in line with the business activity. For instance, a graduate job in an IT organisation may expect pre-existing computer-literacy if not a particular IT skill, such as website development or programming.

Career prospects as a graduate are naturally quite exceptional and almost come with a built-in guarantee of success. Although entry-level salaries are very rarely above £30K, more typically anything from £14K to £20K, you can expect to be earning high-level corporate salaries further on in your career, with remuneration up to, and beyond £50K depending on your career choices.