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Careers in Healthcare and Nursing

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The healthcare industry in the UK includes both the private and public (ie: NHS) sectors.

It includes jobs in medical, dental, optometry, nursing, social working, caring, catering, IT, admin, support services, financial, managerial, marketing and sales to name but a few. Jobs can often be part time, temporary (ie: ‘agency’) or permanent. Nursing, caring or GP (general practitioner) roles can also be ‘locum’ which means they work in a supply capacity to various practices or hospitals filling in for absent staff or under-staffed shifts on a rotating basis.

By far the largest employer in healthcare is the State (government), but a significant other is local council which employs social workers, carers, caterers and nurses. The private sector is represented by private medical companies such as BUPA. As a result, employees can work for the healthcare industry in hospitals, medical centres and surgeries, dental practices, care homes, specialist clinics, private homes or laboratories.

Qualification requirement within healthcare are varied and each is specific to the level and type of role advertised. For instance, doctors must necessarily have the relevant degree in medicine and nurses in nurse training such as the City & Guild 730 certificate. Other roles may require a relevant NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) or an MBA (Master of Business Administration). Introduction into healthcare is usually via the relevant qualification or training and beyond that, employers are looking for specialist skills and experience in particular disciplines such as surgery, medical, nursing, social working, catering etc.

Candidates in healthcare have to be committed, dedicated and qualified. Skills requirements are obviously relevant to each discipline and include the ability to work under pressure, to get on with people and be part of a well-disciplined and caring team.

The big benefit working in healthcare is that UK-based training and experience is transferable to similar positions within the industry and around the world. Nurses, doctors, dentists, surgeons, optometrists and carers will have little difficulty working in their chosen discipline in practically any country in the world. Further training and experience is almost a guarantee to advancement provided the right roles (and salaries) are available.