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Careers in IT

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The IT (information technology) sector offers a wide range of career options.

While most of these demand an understanding of specific IT services and products relevant to each particular company, you can nevertheless work within this sector in a variety of roles. This can include sales, marketing, financial, technical, engineering, programming, customer support and many more.

The IT sector includes companies that may sell products and services as diverse as computer software, network cabling and installation, backup and disaster-recovery services, technical training, programming and web services. Such is the invasion of IT into our everyday lives, they may be in retail, manufacturing, travel and tourism, Web design or any one of a number of other market sectors.

Due to the variety and specific requirements demanded by many IT jobs, experience is at a premium over specific qualifications. So a job for a software developer for instance, may ask for particular experience in GIS MapServer / ESRI Products - plus SQL Server, Visual Basic, VB.Net, ASP.NET. Java Script, XML / XSL / HTML / XTML. Graduates are nevertheless in demand for their numeracy so a degree in maths, physics or any of the sciences is a bonus. Companies would expect to train graduate staff to their particular requirements and it is this experience that provides employees with subsequent status and marketability within IT.

In many cases, IT employers are looking for self-motivated team players. This is because most roles within this sector rely on teamwork – whether in customer support, engineering or programming. Specific qualities such as salesmanship and presentation or managerial skills are required for specific roles.

While skills and experience can be specific to particular companies, they are nevertheless transferable from one organisation to another. They not only serve to demonstrate competence, but an ability to learn quickly and easily. Besides, specific training is very often supplied to bring new employees up to speed on specific products and services – many of which are unique to individual companies anyway. As a result, a career in IT can be varied and interesting, with may upwards and sideways moves possible throughout a working life.