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Careers in Marketing and PR

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The marketing sector covers a wide range of companies and disciplines.

It stretches from marketing departments within host organisations, to PR firms, advertising and design agencies, research companies, list brokers, photographic studios and a whole range of other marketing-associated activities and as a result, employees can follow a career within practically every industry sector.

The decision is whether to work ‘client side’ or ‘agency side’. You have further choices of working in the creative field (designing and writing), research, managerial, accountancy, statistics, administration or business development. Naturally, specific skills, qualifications and experience are required for each specific role.

Artistic and other creative skills find plenty of outlets within marketing with design, photography, writing and other ‘creative’ roles on offer. These usually require experience and ability, although a qualification from a creative college course is always helpful in refining and establishing marketable skills. Conversely, much of modern marketing is based on research of market trend, audience demographics etc and these roles require numeracy and usually maths or maths-related degrees. Many ‘non-creative’ roles in marketing also demand financial management skills in managing budgets and planning future spend.

For most marketing roles, personal attributes required include good communication skills, self-motivation, enthusiasm, energy and independent thinking with a desire for advancement. A high level of creativity is also often required, even in account handling or other support roles as creative thinking, especially in strategic terms, can often lead to greater success in implementing marketing projects. Specific roles in other marketing services, such as a research statistician, will expect not only proven experience, but a good understanding of database marketing techniques and a good numerate degree with a solid statistical basis.

Because of the tough competition for jobs, most careers within marketing these days expect graduate level education. Once inside the door, candidates are assured of an exciting and varied career ahead, with progress and promotion based on results, experience and demand for acquired skills. There is freedom to move from one discipline to another – especially from the agency side to a client organisation or vice versa.