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Careers in Retail

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The retail business involves the sale of goods or services to the general public.

As such, it offers a huge range off opportunities selling the widest possible variety of products. There are buying, financial, managerial, sales, marketing and cashier careers available within the retail sector.

Retail usually involves high street outlets or other customer-facing locations, so all shops offer opportunities for retail employment. From small fashion outlets to massive department stores and supermarkets and everything in between, retail embraces soft goods, white goods, brown goods, sports goods, technology, telecommunications, DIY, fashion and much more.

Retail is a market sector that encourages entrepreneurialism and enterprise. Positions range from shop assistants responsible for serving customers, stocking shelves and working the check-out – to commercial directors responsible for nurturing and growing key accounts (ie: outlets a retail supplier might manufacture goods for). As a result, qualification requirements can include good GCSEs at one end of the scale to a Bachelors or Masters degrees in economics, business management or any other relevant subject at the other. But more often than not, retail will employ people, even senior directors, based on their past experience and track record of success.

Perhaps more than any other sector, retail offers the opportunity for candidates to rise on their initiative and ability. For most of the jobs advertised, employees aren’t so much looking for academic qualifications as enthusiasm and a love of the trade. Retail recruitment ads use words like ‘a proven achiever’ or ‘a strong leader with good organisational skills’ or ‘a passion for retail’ or ‘self-motivated, target driven and 100% committed’.

In a very big sense, retail offers the opportunity for candidates to start from the ground and work their way up. With the right qualities, a candidate can enter a world where today’s shelf-stacker can be tomorrow’s Regional Sales Director.