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Sales is an important tool of marketing and one that is part of practically every business that has a product or service to sell.

As a result, there are sales roles and operations within most companies above a certain level of turnover and headcount. This means candidates can work within practically any industry sector with a huge choice of sales roles.

In today’s highly-competitive market, most companies have a sales requirement. From a web design studio seeking new business, to a large, international telecommunications organisation selling airtime or broadband services. Some companies require sales people to sell by phone or in person. They can be selling anything from software or swimming pools, adhesives or advertising space. Face-to-face selling is called field sales and is typified by the pharmaceutical industry which employs sales representatives to visit surgeries and hospitals selling proprietary drugs. Recent years have seen the rise of call centres as an outsourced sales tool. These are offices staffed exclusively by telesales people selling products or services marketed by client companies.

Thanks to the almost unlimited variety of products and services that are offered for sale in the marketplace, the qualification requirements are diverse. At entry level, most sales operations take on graduates in any subject, but after that they demand relevant sales experience – ie: in telesales, field sales, business-building etc. The advantage of a career in sales, is that candidates are often given training in the particular product, service or market they will be engaging.

On the whole, sales operations look for intelligent and enthusiastic team-workers who are highly organised, target driven and motivated by success. Graduates must show an aptitude for sales and more senior candidates must demonstrate relevant experience.

Because of its potential to earn large salaries and commissions, sales is a highly competitive area to work in. Experience and a track record of quantifiable success are sought by employers and successful sales people can be high earners as well as high status within the industry. Career paths can take you to the top of any sales-driven organisation – to Sales Director, MD, General Manager or CEO positions.