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High level jobs can be found in almost every industry sector in large corporate environments and are almost always ‘executive’ by nature.

This means there is a high degree of management, decision-making and strategic thinking involved. Roles cover all the corporate activities such as finance, marketing, sales, research. Typical job titles include Chairman, CEO, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer, Finance Director, Board Director and Technical Director.

Big companies such as BT, BP, BA and Barclays Bank all offer high level executive roles. Law firms look for senior lawyers, pharmaceutical companies look for chief operating officers and practically all business types need a managing director. Executive Employment agencies exist to cater for this high level candidate sector.

At this rarefied level, key experience is vital. To fulfil expectations imposed by the large salaries offered (around £50K and above), candidates must demonstrate market sector experience as well as a proven ability to operate at the level required. Experience in certain geographical markets is sometimes required and specific experience doing what the employing company expects you to do for them is a must. This may be, for a CEO role, the ability to steer a company through anticipated growth while identifying and developing new world markets.

Most recruitment at this level does not enquire about educational levels – it may be assumed that this is a given. It would also be assumed that someone applying for a financial director position has all the necessary professional accountancy qualifications to have risen to that position in the first place.

High level roles such as CEO, MD, FD and other managerial positions imbue a degree of authority and credibility. Because recruitment for these positions is almost always from within the same, high level ranks, these qualities are usually taken for granted. Beyond that, these positions almost always require candidates to be leaders, visionaries and decision-makers. Strength of character and determination are what drives these individuals.

As far as career potential is concerned, these roles are practically at the top of the career ladder anyway. Candidates at this level are often therefore seeking a change of scenery, rather than a change of status. For example, moving from a marketing environment in an established IT company to take on the challenges offered by a vigorous start-up IT company. Or switching focus from a UK-based directorship to one in a company that has an overseas market.