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Careers in Telecomms

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Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing industries today.

As a result, it offers one of the widest ranges of career opportunities. Apart from the obvious administration, finance, sales and marketing roles found in most service industries, telecoms offers hundreds of specialist roles unique to the technology. Many of these are engineering or technology-based.

The telecoms industry is represented by several big players such as Nokia, Erickson, Vodafone, Orange, O2 and 3 - all of whom are household names. However, there are a plethora of companies operating within telecoms that provide specialist service and support. Each and every one of these types of companies offers career opportunities at all levels as well.

Because of its specialist technical nature, the telecoms industry expects relevant technical expertise and experience form many of its roles. Generally, previous telecoms experience is a must, but beyond that, specific experience is needed for a particular role. This could include architecting systems and services, TCP-IP, HTTP, UNIX environment, J2EE, Apache, Weblogic or Volantis.

Graduates, on the other hand, can break into telecoms with good GCSEs and 2.1 degrees ideally in Computer Sciences but other numerate/science disciplines are acceptable.

Above all, telecoms companies are looking for people with the relevant experience – as close as possible to their particular product and service offering. Beyond this, they want people who can fit into a team, whether engineering, technical, sales or customer support. They require applicants to have good communication skills for dealing with customers, suppliers and team members. Further skills requirements often include strategic thinking, confidence, co-ordination.

As with most technology sectors, telecoms is an industry where skills, while specific to specific companies, are nevertheless transferable from one organisation to another. Acquired skills not only serve to demonstrate competence, but an ability to learn quickly and easily. Apprentice schemes and training is very often supplied to familiarise new employees with specific services and products – many of which are unique to individual companies anyway. As a result, a career in telecoms can be varied and interesting, with may upwards and sideways moves possible throughout a working life.