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Careers in Travel and Tourism

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Travel and tourism is a popular industry sector and one that offers colourful and exciting career choices across a whole range of activities.

Travel and tourism naturally includes all the airlines, airports, tour operators, shipping lines, hotels, resorts, restaurants, catering and anyone else involved with serving the travelling or holidaying public in any way. As a result, jobs can include anything from administration to management, airline cabin crew to high street booking agents, finance directors to receptionists - and marketing managers to hotel managers to coach drivers. Furthermore, there are even some home-working and part-time jobs to be found.

Qualification and experience counts for a lot in travel and tourism. Qualifications can include professional achievements such as the AA Rosette award or the Michelin star ratings or simply a university degree or a relevant industry qualification. For instance a sales consultant in travel and tourism might need the ABTAC Travel Agents Certificate (ABTAC). Experience is equally important. A chef wouldn’t be employed without suitable chef training, qualifications or experience – the more impressive the better the employment opportunities. Likewise, specific roles such as marketing or finance would require their own specific qualification, usually to degree level, along with previous experience in that activity.

Customer-facing jobs in the travel and tourism industry demand high levels of interpersonal skills. Most of the business is concerned with keeping people happy during their well-earned holiday, or giving hard-nosed business travellers outstanding value-for-money. For this reason, employers often look for people with sunny, out-going dispositions who are self-motivated, well-organised and highly service-oriented. Back room administration jobs and other non-customer-facing roles require characteristics relevant to their particular activity, such as a team trainer needing to be motivational and inspirational.

The career potential is impressive in travel and tourism and the sky is the limit - almost literally in the case of airline pilots and cabin crew. However, one thing that unites a large proportion of careers within travel and tourism is the potential to travel. Not only within one role, but in transferring skills to different geographical markets. Salaries are naturally equally as varied as the types of roles with administrators and airline captains earning around £20K and £70K respectively.